Why hula-hooping is more than only a full body workout

Every hoop is different. The lighter and smaller a ring, the more difficult it is to swing it around the hips.

When i was about 10 years old i got a beautiful wooden hula-hoop from my godmother. I loved it so much, i hooped all day! I could go on for hours swinging that ring around my hips without a break... My mom had to force me to drop it and join family dinner sometimes...

I still have that wooden hoop at home and i never forgot about this passion. It just wasn't the same anymore though when i grew up. I tried it from time to time but just couldn't keep that ring around my hips for too long so i thought i just lost my talent and never really gave it a big try...

Then i came to Koh Phangan and i made friends with these beautiful souls who showed me the art of hula-hooping again.

I totally fell in love again!

Did you know that it depends on the size and weight of the hoop for how difficult it is to swing it around your hips? And did you know that hula-hooping is a full body workout, training the whole upper body, arms, legs, butt and definitely the abs more than most other workouts?! There are unlimited ways of playing with the hoop, swinging it with your hands and arms, dancing with it so you actually don't even have to do that hip thing - and it still looks good! My friend told me a beautiful thing about what hula-hooping has taught her:

"Whenever you swing that hoop around yourself and you get stuck in a movement, just turn in another direction and go the other way. No matter how twisted a situation might seem, there is always a way to unwind yourself."

And I would add: ”... And don't forget to dance.”

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