With myself i'm never alone

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Spending almost one week on an island where there's nothing really to do isn't everybody's thing for sure. Spending the days sleeping, chilling on the beach, hiking through the jungle - and everything in slow motion - I realized once more how I've learned to be by myself and feel comfortable with it.

I haven't always been as calm and quiet as I am today... I come from a big(!) and loud(!) family you have to know. There was rarely an evening where we didn't have guests at our table and our family reunions were (and still are) always a huge party. So coming from that to traveling alone was a big change for me when I started backpacking more than ten years ago... (”What?? Ten years? How old are you?”😜)

I still love to have people around me, no doubt. I love to have my calendar full of dates and tasks, I love to socialize and party till sunrise but I have also learned to plan in my Me-time.

The journey to myself...

This truly is the best description for my travels. "Around the world to get closer to myself"... I love to get to know all the sides of me and I am all excited about what new lessons are waiting for me but it is especially on journeys like this, where I feel alone. Moments of beauty and joy that I cannot share with anybody. All the memories I have to keep up by myself... It's the beautiful sunsets, when I sit in the sand, ”surrounded” by honeymooners, young families, couples strolling hand in hand along the beach... It's the moments when I reach the top of a hill after a hike, overlooking the jungle and the sea, when I want to scream of joy... It’s the moments swimming with planktons underneath a starry night, just being overwhelmed by this amazing universe... It's these moments when I realize that there's this part in my heart longing to share all this with someone special...

"A joy shared is a joy doubled"

And at the same time, I know that this will come to me one day. I have to be patient and learn to be the best version of me to fully being able to let that special someone into my life one day. I will be ready...

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